Divine Destiny

Inner Transformations by Divine Design


Welcome to Divine Destiny

All things exist by Divine Design, all of Creation and so it is with you and Your world. You are not here by accident and whatever you Need to enhance your Soul growth has brought most of you to this moment, place or circumstance you  now find yourselves in. Soul evolution and an increased connection to the Divine are our Prime reasons for living this existence.

Each person has a fate, a Divine Destiny-a set of outcomes that were written over your Soul even before your life began. You are allowed to choose certain avenues and venues but in the end the destination, where you will stop and reaching the goal is determined by Heaven. This fact alone helps you see why If we surrender to the Divine Will for our lives we can  AUTHENTICALLY Enlist the help of Heaven.

Why? Because…angel hand

GOD always Supports His Own plans! 

The most important point to remember is to Release our expectation of How and When We  desire the Divine to do it. Unfortunately for mankind, His ways Truly are Not our ways (of getting things done) and His thoughts (on people, problems and Even our situations) are Not Our thoughts.

 But do be Mindful that No matter how long, hard or even impossible something appears to be, IF GOD has determined a thing to be in our life, It will Surely happen. It is written “Let GOD be TRUE and every man be a Liar.” This is one of my favorite scriptures as it truly confirms that “GOD opens a door and No man can shut it and GOD closes a door and No man can Open it.”  So let it be with you.

This truth applies as much to your emotional/psychological healing, reconciliation with Your own soul as well as with others and your spiritual well being as it does to getting your other Essential Needs met.

So how do you get in line with the Divine Will and get what is rightly destined for you?

  • The first step is to seek Divine Guidance     black hand of
  • Secondly, align your prayers with what the Divine wills to be bestowed upon you
  • Third, Ask Openly for heavenly and Divine assistance to help you reach the proper state or outcome that has been Divinely destined for you
    • Lastly, Make Any and All changes that you Know are needed or have been Requested or laid out by the Divine Guidance you have received

If you wish to receive help determining the Divine Guidance GOD has for you and/or if you would like assistance on behalf of your prayers, Hadessa may be able to help.

Hadessa              lion with teal

Spiritual Advisor and Intuitive Life Coach

Hadessa is a Soul Alchemyst who assists others in making Inner transformations that will lead to External fortitude. The goal is to help each person reach a place of wholeness and true potential allocated by that individual’s Divine Destiny.  As a Spiritual Practitioner, Hadessa works with Ancient and Intuitive Healing techniques to facilitate Emotional/Psychological and Spiritual healing.

For phone consultations with Hadessa

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