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Fall Forecast 2015-Look for the Lemniscate!

Fall 2015 Esoteric Forecast: Look for the Lemniscate!

Sacred Symbol for this season: Infinity Symbolinfinty blessed

Color: Silver

As I thought on the month of October and wondered just what mood the Universe was in and what word would be given to prepare our pallets for what to expect in this month, I received this word-

Lemniscate. The word Lemniscate is known in math, more commonly as the Infinity symbol. However, the math definition isn’t the main focus here but the esoteric Insight behind the Original meaning.

Lemniscate actually means “adorned with Ribbons” . As a claircognizant(one who simply knows things without prior knowledge) I quickly understood the reference was something more than if first appears.

There was a popular song entitled “There’s a Ribbon in the Sky”(for our love) by Stevie Wonder. So love expansion is possible during this time and then I got an impression of the movie title “Silver Linings Playbook”. I must confess I’ve never watched the movie, But I understood the implication and this is the essence of the message for Fall 2015.

I love Fall, it is actually my favorite season but as I look outside my window it is cloudy overhead and this cloudy overcast is another by product of Fall and its cooler temperatures. But what I want to focus on for all of you reading this and myself is that the mood of the Universe is exactly the Opposite of the cloudy skies. This is a time to rejoice because despite our hardships we may have going through or obstacles we are still attempting to overcome, there is a Silver Lining or Ribbon in the Sky with your name  on it.

candles thanks

You simply need to begin giving thanks for all those Needs you currently have being met. I suggest you start with the small ones and work your way up-another form of Ascension. The Universe is in a generous mood-this may be part of the Shemittah blessing for some. But as always the Heavenly Realms expect Respect and reverence.

And this month it’s all about simply showing Gratitude for the things you wish to be blessed with through a bold statement of Thanks to Heaven in Advance for its blessings. An archaic meaning of Lemniscate is that it was a piece of fabric attached to the back of Crowns and diadems as an adornment. Now Embrace that for yourself, the little “Adornments” that Heaven wants to attach to your life as an “enhancement” are waiting for you this Fall. You simply need to reach up to Heaven with your Thanks and wrap this graceful ribbon of Heaven, your Silver linings around your fingers.

Silver linings are most needed when all we’ve seen are dark clouds in our lives for a while or in a specific area. It is then that the Angels decide to break through the clouds to shine a light on us from Heaven. So that we may see like the Infinity symbol, GOD’S blessings are Infinite even in the dark or murky areas in our lives, the Divine Still has a blessing-big or small-in store for us.

Lastly, I provided the Sacred symbol and color for meditative and contemplation purposes this season.

The Infinity symbol or Lemniscate to remind you that GOD’S ability to bless us is Infinite as He is the Source of Infinity itself. And the color Silver, Silver is inspirational, ethereal and symbolically represents the “Triumph of Good over Evil”. So let it be with you.

Wishing you an Awesome Autumn, Hadessa


Harvest Moon September 2015: Sowing A Harvest for You

I am truly elated! This year my Harvest Of Lights falls on the Harvest Moon (I just found this OUT!) Which is one of the names for the Full Moon in September. I was aware of the Full Moon but not the Harvest element. The Harvest Moon also coincides with The Feast of Sukkot which is a time of Thanksgiving and Awe among other things.

I chose this time to do my Harvest of Lights based on a Dream I received from the Divine regarding Sukkot. I was shown that I should acknowledge the Feast of Sukkot in my own way. This makes perfect sense, as Candle Lighting is a significant part of some of the Sukkot rituals.  I simply love Fall and all the hope and potential blessings it can bring.

So what is a Harvest of Lights? Last year, I founded my first Harvest of Lights. I instinctively chose a time-it is ALWAYS in Fall-for Autumn is the Season of Harvest, to do a vast Altar of Prayer Lights including Prayer Candles and requests from some of those closest to me.

This year, I am inviting You to SOW some Harvest Lights for yourself and your family. You don’t have to do anything big, just pick a few candles,One for each person, and place your prayer requests underneath the candles as you light them. It would be beneficial to recite Prayers of Praise over your “Harvest”. If you need a few ideas of what to use, I recommend some of the shorter Psalms of Praise(from the book of Psalms). There are many of these starting around Psalm 100 and up. The Psalms or prayers need not be lengthy however Sincerity is a Must. It is often said “Your attitude determines your Altitude”. Well, in the Spiritual Realm I would like to add that “Your Intention determines your Extension”. When it comes to making things happen by Divine Design, your prayers and path will only go as far as your Authentic intentions toward them.

As for the Candle colors, Fall colors would be nice and festive of course but simple White Candles will work just as well. Please Remember to burn your safely and responsibly. We want you here to see your blessings in the New Year.

You Reap what you Sow, this is quite similar to Karma in the East. Allow me to share something with as I connect the Dots to why this time of the year is Very significant for you and me.

Last night, while reading a book I treasure with wonderful images of the Cosmos that includes worshipful phrases toward the Divine Designer of the All Creations, I had an Open Vision. In this Open Vision, I saw lots of green foliage and a large hand with a Needle and thread. As I sat thinking about, the interpretation was quickly given to me-They are showing me how so many things “Connect”-are “Sewn” together. At the moment, I knew intuitively that this “Sewn” image was important but didn’t know exactly why. Now today as I was given this post to write I understand why. This image and word “Sewn” has a double meaning, a play on words. Yes, as a Cosmic Mystic they were showing me some connections and reasons behind something I was pondering but this image also infers “Sown”, the past tense of the something you have Sowed. Like a Seamstress, If you put time into Sewing a garment you will soon have the reward of what you have Sown. See how this applies to  you and me.

We have just entered Fall in the Western Hemisphere and the Full Harvest Moon is on September 28th. If you Sow your seeds in Prayer now, it is possible you may have a little something more( And this Depends greatly on your needs and prayer request) to be Thankful for by Thanksgiving. I am simply saying the Divine Signs show that it is a good time to sow in our lives, if you have needs or circumstances that you wish could change why not make this small investment-Give to the Divine in Prayer at this Prominent and powerful time. You have until October 7th 2015 to take advantage of this powerful Harvest Moon.

Lastly, let me leave you with a powerful testimony. For last year’s Harvest of Lights, I burned the majority of my candles for my main spiritual student and client at the time. We had candles for her entire immediate family and list of requests I needed to make to Heaven on their behalf. Surely enough, as I sat for several nights praying over each Prayer Candle request, I poured all my heart and intention to see these individuals blessed, changed, healed and transformed. My Harvest of Lights took place in October 2014, and the majority of the request were completed before May 2015!  Interestingly enough, one of the Most significant situations I prayed about only just began to Bloom in August 2015. This is exactly why I work under Divine Design-GOD timing Always takes precedence. Yet, while some things may take longer than others to Grow and I still Truly bear witness that it can be a blessing to sow Good Seed in due Season.


Sweet September 2015: Crossing the Threshold

As I sat in my living room on the evening of July 26 I heard internally, “Sapphire Month”. Imagine my surprise, when on the next day while preparing for a completely unrelated class, I learned that SAPPHIRE is the traditional birthstone for the month of September! In that moment I knew, the Spiritual realm was trying to communicate  to me that there would be something special about September, and I don’t think this message is just for me.blue lion and stars

While it is true, this month is already turning out to be significant for me, so much so, that I have entered a Special Solo spiritual retreat to receive and gain all that the Divine has for me at this time. Outside of work, my time is devoted to seeking the Divine and sacred study. However, I was compelled to write this blog because I believe that some of you too need to know just how significant this month may be in giving “starts” for things in your life. Few things start off Grand but Do not be put off by their mere simplicity. There are many significant things that start from the “smallest seed”. Remember, the acorn contains within it the DNA for a strong and mighty tree.

Now let’s take a closer look at what makes THIS September 2015 so significant.  The month of September is special in many spiritual variations. From religious holidays among the Abrahamic faiths to Numerology, this year September really seems to make a Sacred splash. In the Judaic Faith, there are Three holidays occurring in this month alone:

  • Rosh Hashanah (the Jewish New Year),
  • Yom Kippur (the Day of Atonement) and
  • the Feast of Sukkot (the Feast of Tabernacles). 

In the Islamic faith, the second major holiday occurs this month which celebrates Two significant events:

  • Eid Al Adha (the Feast of the Sacrifice) which commemorates Abraham’s complete Submission to GOD in his willingness to make the ultimate sacrifice and the Islamic pilgrimage (the Hajj) which take place around this time as well. These sets of Holidays coinciding in the same month is notable because both Judaism and Islam follow a Lunar calendar, which means that there holidays are not recurring at the same exact time each year. Oh but there is more, much more.

From a Numerological stand point, which is an area I study in the Divine Sciences, the month of September is the one month of the year when your Personal Month will be the same as Your personal year. This alone could be enough to make September significant, for there is Double the number vibration for you every September. And in Astrology, there happens to be Two Eclipses in September 2015. I will leave the explanation of their significance to the experts, as Astrology is not an area of mine. Still, I think it is becoming Quite obvious that September 2015 is NO ordinary September!

Yet, I was given another specific word for THIS month-the word ‘Liminal’.  As a Liminal month September could serve as ” a transitional or Initial stage of a process”. In other words, September can be seen as a “Threshold” into the next season or section of your life. Interestingly enough, the word Liminal comes from the Latin ‘limen’ which means ‘threshold’.

The fact that the end of the Jewish Shemittah year occurs during this month is not a mere coincidence, but rather a Divinely designed Synchronicity. The Shemittah year itself can be seen as Threshold for a New Season in life as according to Judaic law All debts would be forgiven in a Shemittah and even the land was meant to rest from normal cultivation for this special Sabbath year which occurs every 7 years. Due to the significance of all the other substantial happenings of this month, one can only surmise that the Shemittah adds an even greater degree of Sacred power to this time.

Isn’t it odd that the Shemittah year is ending in the literal 7th month, although technically in the Gregorian calendar September is ‘our’ Ninth month? The prefix “sept-” actually means ‘Seven’. I have to say, as a Seer whose gift often includes Literally “receiving words” from the Divine, I often observe that the Heavenly beings frequently give me words intending for me to recognize the word according to its “original linguistic meaning and/or Origin”. Truly this is just another proof that the Divine, He changes not.

Lastly, in my research on the Sapphire I found several interesting verses in scripture that connect the Sapphire to the Throne of GOD or being related to the vicinity of His presence. Perhaps He is calling you to no longer stand outside the threshold but desire to know Him and seek Him more deeply in this month so that you too may step across the threshold into a Deeper knowing and intimacy with GOD. For one CANNOT truly Love someone, if you don’t Genuinely know them.

by Alexandria Waters

Courtesy of my sister site- Seer’s Myst


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